Kramer guitar project

I’ve wanted a maple fretboard Kramer for a long time, but they are few and far between in the “pointy” era (86-90). After I happened across a nice sustainer body on reverb for too low of a price to pass up, I had visions of a chance to do a graphic finish and a maple board.


I lucked out and snagged a fairly beaten maple neck from Craigslist (thanks Joe!). Someone had tried to lacquer the neck and didn’t do the best job, but structurally it is in perfect shape. I personally like lacquered necks as opposed to satin or oil finishes, but this one looks to be lightly brushed on and has a few bumps along the back. I think when I have the time, I’ll do some sanding and apply some more lacquer to smooth it out, then it will be perfect.


Since I don’t have the sustainer circuitry, I picked up a GFS Modboard that’s a switchable wah or midboost. I haven’t heard it yet, but with so many free holes for switches I wanted to put something in. I’m hoping I can get a similar sound to my Charvel Spectrum’s JE-1500.

At the moment, the bridge pickup is a Gibson Dirty Fingers, which I’ve never had before - and it sounds fantastic. My neck pickup is eventually going to be a Dimarzio PAF Pro, but the one I bought used has larger holes than I have screws for right now so I just left it empty for now. 


Stay tuned as I add the rest of the parts and get to work on the finish. Really excited about how this is going to turn out!