Maui Teaser: What's Happened So Far

We've been on four dives so far, including my girlfriend's first certified open ocean dive. The visibility on the first day was fairly poor, but improved as the day went on. Our second day was much more clear, as well as the snorkeling we did in between. Small eels are regularly sighted, as well as a number of green turtles who unabashedly approached us. I'm hoping to get a look at an octopus, but from my past experience they are both fast and well camouflaged.

The landscape is also beautiful, and we took a short helicopter ride around Haleakala. I'm looking forward to venturing to the peak to put my D800 setup to good use, as so far I've mostly been using the OM-D underwater. I've been enjoying the Panasonic G7, it has noticeably faster autofocus than the OM-D as well as a much nicer EVF. I'm still getting used to the video settings, and my laptop is unable to play the 4k footage without locking up so I won't know the quality for sure until I return to Orlando. I think I finally have my custom function controls set efficiently though.