Panama Guitar Cover

I know this site is primarily focused (ha ha) on camera technology, photography, cinematography etc but I made a quick video of one of my other hobbies, guitar. This is a cover of Van Halen's Panama, using a backing track I also found on youtube.

I originally filmed a video playing the same song with four different cameras at once to test built-in microphones and high ISO noise of a few bodies I have on hand. That slowly become a multiple angle shoot which I had originally planned to change cameras for different parts, but instead I've just cut all three angles together in the same video.

The top left is a Canon 6D with an adapted Olympus OM 28mm f/2.8. Then the right/closeup camera is another Canon 6D with an adapted Nikon 85mm f/2.0 AIS set to f/2.8 because I thought the angular bokeh looked cool on the headstock of the guitar. Bottom right was my (now gone) Panasonic G7, the only one filming in 4k. This allowed me to crop down a nice shot of the fretboard without losing resolution - the original footage is wide enough to see the floor at my feet and up to the top of my head.

Lighting was done with the overhead room light along with a pair of Yongnuo YN-300 II's, one in front of me just off to my right and the other is up on top of the Marshall amp right next to the close up camera (which is visible in the top left shot). These lights are great, and have adjustable color temperature, can be powered by batteries or from the wall, and come with a bluetooth remote control which allows on/off, color temp adjustment, and you can change channels on the remotes or lights themselves if you needed to control multiple banks of lights. I'm working on a review for these, because they are an amazing value.