Kramer guitar project

I’ve wanted a maple fretboard Kramer for a long time, but they are few and far between in the “pointy” era (86-90). After I happened across a nice sustainer body on reverb for too low of a price to pass up, I had visions of a chance to do a graphic finish and a maple board.


I lucked out and snagged a fairly beaten maple neck from Craigslist (thanks Joe!). Someone had tried to lacquer the neck and didn’t do the best job, but structurally it is in perfect shape. I personally like lacquered necks as opposed to satin or oil finishes, but this one looks to be lightly brushed on and has a few bumps along the back. I think when I have the time, I’ll do some sanding and apply some more lacquer to smooth it out, then it will be perfect.


Since I don’t have the sustainer circuitry, I picked up a GFS Modboard that’s a switchable wah or midboost. I haven’t heard it yet, but with so many free holes for switches I wanted to put something in. I’m hoping I can get a similar sound to my Charvel Spectrum’s JE-1500.

At the moment, the bridge pickup is a Gibson Dirty Fingers, which I’ve never had before - and it sounds fantastic. My neck pickup is eventually going to be a Dimarzio PAF Pro, but the one I bought used has larger holes than I have screws for right now so I just left it empty for now. 


Stay tuned as I add the rest of the parts and get to work on the finish. Really excited about how this is going to turn out!

Porsche Cayman Video

I've always had an interest in cars... one infamous family story involved me using my carry-on bag to take 20 or so car magazines on a long flight to read. However, I always made relatively responsible choices, buying reliable, low cost vehicles from family members and otherwise ignoring my urge to drive something exciting.

That time is finally over.

I traded in my nice, reliable, well maintained 2014 Honda Accord sedan in on this used, expensive, 2008 Porsche Cayman.

Of course, I had it inspected and took a lot of care in seeking out this specific one - it's low mileage, well maintained, I have most records, and it is incredibly fun to drive. This short video was the best I could do as at the moment, only myself and my father know how to drive a manual transmission. Hopefully I'll get the chance to do some more exciting videos soon.

Also, this is the last video I'll be making with the Spark. I liked it so much that I've already replaced it with a Mavic Pro.


I Bought a DJI Spark

Thanks to a strange sale at Target (Green Monday? I didn't know that was a thing), I picked up a DJI Spark drone about a week before Christmas. I couldn't help it - I've wanted a drone for a while and had been seriously looking at the Mavic but couldn't justify the cost. The Spark was close enough to a refurbished Mavic that it didn't make sense either, until the sale.

I've already crashed it several times, but it has help up nicely. Most of my crashes were with the cell phone controls when I first got it, but since then I've gotten the controller (perfect Christmas gift from Megan), making it easier to avoid obstacles. I also added a set of prop guards, and at low speeds they provide a lot of resilience, as well as added safety.

So I made a video, comprised of clips I recorded the first two weeks or so that I had it. It's a little longer than usual but I really liked this track, so I just stuffed everything I could from my first few flights in.

I can't wait to use it in more places, I'm starting to get the hang of planning cinematic shots before I take off - with a battery life of barely 15 minutes it's important to know what I want to do ahead of time. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the quality of my footage improves as I become a better pilot. Plus, I need an excuse to get the Mavic later on.