1989 Kramer XL1



  • Made in Korea, 1989

  • Vintage style tremolo

  • H-S pickup configuration

  • Master volume, master tone, 3-way blade selector

  • Plywood body, very lightweight

  • Lacquered vintage-style Maple Neck, very thick C shape

  • Rosewood Fretboard

  • Beak headstock painted black

  • Serial number on neck plate

  • 25 1/2” scale length

Defining features

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The ease of restringing made this my go-to guitar for pickup testing.

The bright color does a good job hiding all of the surface scratches.

I’ve never seen another XL with a headstock like this one.

Vintage style tuners which were fairly flimsy feeling.

I really liked this body shape, it was comfortable and light compared to my much heavier and larger feeling Pacer.

I was able to source a whammy bar, this required a much larger diameter than the usual strat trem arms.