Archived: 1989 Kramer Pacer Custom I

Transparent Red


  • Assembled in Neptune NJ, 1988 (body/neck made in Japan by ESP)

  • Floyd Rose original, made by Schaller, R2 nut

  • H-S-S pickup configuration

  • Master volume and 7 (!) mini-toggle switches (3 have been added)

  • Each pickup has an on/off and phase switch

  • Humbucker’s on/off is 3-way to allow it to coil split

  • Rhythm/Lead bypass switch is stock

  • Poplar Body

  • 3-piece Maple Neck

  • Rosewood Fretboard

  • Claw inlays and fully bound neck & headstock

  • Serial number on neck plate

  • 25 1/2” scale length

Defining features

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Reverse pointy headstock

Recessed Floyd with the modern “collared” arm

Bound neck with kramer “Shark,” “Pointy,” or “Claw” inlays

Lower horn scalloped to improve upper fret access

Made in West Germany Schaller M6 tuners, which were standard on Kramer guitars at the time

That’s a lot of switches! Luckily they look to have been lined up pretty precisely with the original 4 switches, so there aren’t any annoying out-of-place holes.