1988 Hamer Chaparral Sustainiac

Metallic Red

Later Chaparrals lacked the humbucker-style pickup ring surrounding the sustainiac + neck pickup. Two mini-switch controls for the sustainiac are visible just below the volume/tone knobs.


  • Made in Chicago, 1988

  • Original MSRP: $1600 (over $3400 adjusted for inflation)

  • German made Schaller Floyd Rose with "Hamer" stamp, R2 nut

  • H-S-S pickup configuration

  • Pickups are Hamer Slammers, designed by Dimarzio

  • Sustainiac pickup, controlled by two mini-toggle switches, requires 2x 9v batteries

  • 5-way blade switch, master volume, master tone

  • Mahogany Body

  • 3-piece Birdseye Maple Neck

  • Rosewood Fretboard (very thick)

  • 25 1/2” scale length

  • Serial number stamped into back of headstock

  • 8 lbs 4 oz

This neck has a strong birds eye pattern and a nice satin finish. I suspect the neck may have been lightly sanded at one point, as just behind the nut there is some gloss lacquer present.

Defining Features

Detail of a defining feature - ex. the Hamer's sustainiac pickup and birdseye maple neck, or the Ibanez XV500's body shape, etc


The common 1980s German-made Schaller Floyd is a great tremolo. Unlike early Floyds, this type uses the collared trem arm rather than a screw-in type. Otherwise, the hardware is the same.

The battery cavity has a magnetic, shielded door helping to make battery changes quick and easy. So far the sustain pickup has not drained the batteries too quickly, and only operates if the guitar is plugged in.

This is the sustainiac pickup, with a "twin rails" look. Below it is a regular single coil, giving the appearance of a humbucker. When selecting the neck pickup, only the single coil operates.

Great headstock shape, and the beveled edges give it some extra class. I far prefer this headstock look (used on bolt-on Californians and Chaparrals) to the "beak" style Hamers (Centaura, Diablo, etc).