1986 Charvel Model 5



  • Made in Nagano, Japan, 1986

  • Jackson JT-6 tremolo, made in Taiwan

  • H-H pickup configuration

  • Jackson J80C in both positions

  • Jackson JE-1200 Mid-boost circuit, requires a 9V battery

  • 5-way

  • Poplar Body

  • Maple Neck-through design

  • Rosewood Fretboard

  • 12”-16” compound fretboard radius

  • 25 1/2” scale length

  • Serial number on back of headstock

defining Features

Temporary notes:

Later Model 5’s had the serial number stamped on the fretboard after the 24th fret. This is a rare example of a 1986 serial with a JT-6 bridge, instead of the Kahler equipped on earlier models that year.

Action so low it holds a pick in the 24th fret with no buzz.

5-way switch allows switching from Neck Hum, Neck single, Both Hum, Bridge single, Bridge Hum modes, can be customized to nearly any combination needed.

JE-1200 mid boost not as prominent with these pickups as they already have strong mids, but makes a very nice boost for clean soloing (compared to the J50BC’s in the Model 4’s which is a very scooped pickup that almost requires the JE-1200 to sound good to me).